Eva Roseís story

After a few months experiencing the decent, but impersonal NHS midwifery care, my husband and I made the decision to go with Independent midwives Viv Gray and Sam Lealman. Initially, we were a bit hesitant about the investment; however as my pregnancy progressed, I realised how valuable Viv and Sam one-to-one care was for baby and I. I didnít have the inconvenience of travelling to hospital for antenatal care appointments, all appointmens were held in the comfort of my own home. Every meeting with Sam and Viv was an opportunity to bond with them, and ask questions or address concerns, every visit took as long as it needed, they never rushed. Most importantly, I found the flow of information Sam and Viv provided us most helpful as we were always informed of our choices, so we felt very confident when making decisions throughout my pregnancy and most importantly, for our home & hospital birth plans.

As it turned out, my baby turned breech quite late in pregnancy, and stayed this way. As I had plans for a natural, home water birth, I initially thought babyís breech presentation meant an automatic cesarean and was quite devastated as I felt my birth plan slipping through my fingers. However, thanks to Sam, Viv, and their partner midwife (and breech natural birth specialist) Andy Parker, we were able to make an informed decision on how we wanted to progress, and they supported us to continue with our natural, home birth plan. This meant the world to us as the only option hospital gave was the automatic cesarean, usually performed at 38 weeks and an ECV which I was not comfortable with.

The day Eva-Rose was born, Andy and Viv respected our birth plans and ensured we were informed every step of the way. I laboured in the comfort and safety of my own home; however, Eva stopped progressing during the pushing stage, so we made the decision to transfer to hospital. We transferred well in time, so it was not stressful; Eva was ok and although the hospital ended up performing a cesarean, the midwives ensured that the hospital staff respected our cesarean birth plan. We could not thank them more for this as we could see how easy it would have been for the hospital to continue with their protocols and my husband and I would not have had the energy or chance to advocate otherwise.

Our beautiful daughter, Eva-Rose was born via cesarean with a healthy APGAR score of 9/10 within a peaceful environment. The midwives advocated for us and stayed by our side throughout. They ensured hospital staff did not take Eva away to perform standard protocols and instead allowed delayed cord-clamping and placed Eva on my chest while I got stitches. This was such a gift as little Eva-Rose started to feed right away and remained calm.

Although Eva-Rose was not born at home, I am so fortunate we were able to spend most of the labour at home, a decision I felt was best for myself and baby. I got to experience natural birth at home, in a trusted environment, without any interventions, and Eva-Rose was able to enter this world when she was ready (at 41 weeks + 2 days). In addition, my body was able to experience full labour and dilation, and Eva-Rose benefited from some added immunity by travelling down the birth canal.

Viv and Samís care did not end with the birth of Eva-Rose, but their postnatal care was very helpful during such an emotional stage and transition. Their post natal care helped my husband and I to feel more confident with caring properly for Eva-Rose from the start. I highly recommend Sam and Viv for independent midwifery care. They have a great working relationship, are professional, and passionate about yours and babyís well-being; they truly care for your family.. Thanks to Sam, Viv, and Andy, I am able to hold onto a beautiful first preganancy and birth experience and am blessed with a healthy and bright baby girl.


7lb 3oz.

Born: April 16th 2014 @ 8:48pm.

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