Esme's Story


My story starts with a traumatic, quick painful birth in a busy hospital. Despite being induced, there weren’t any midwives available. Reluctant to go through labour again, when pregnant 5 years later I was very scared about giving birth. After a recommendation I contacted Maya Midwives and I felt better as soon as I rocked up at one of their Tuesday coffee mornings…

Looking back my regular appointments with Andy and Viv were as much therapy sessions as a health check. Slowly through talking, hypnosis, rebozo, painting my tummy with my 5 year old (things I’d never thought I’d do!), talking and more talking I started to believe I could do this birth thing.

Apprehension crept back when my due date past and I worried I would have to be induced again. I knew I wanted a hospital birth if I could get there in time, but Maya gave me the confidence to make my own decisions about when to be induced rather than following the ‘One Size fits all’ NHS guidelines. I didn’t have to worry as 10 days past, following a successful sweep I woke at 12.30am with cramps. Not believing I could be in labour as it wasn’t that painful (compared to the first time round) I kept a note of the times and started googling whether cramps were a side effect of a sweep. At 3am, the pain was coming every 8 minutes, but still bearable – especially using the tens machine Andy had left – the boost button became my best friend!

I woke my husband and then decided to ring Viv, knowing she wouldn’t mind if it was a false alarm. When Viv arrived I was 5 cm dilated but still coping well. We set off for hospital, getting there at 5am, where, déjà vu, there were no midwives available. At this point, without Viv, my birth experience would have taken a turn for the worse where I’d have no doubt had my baby in the hospital reception.

Instead, Viv explained I was 5cm dilated with previous experience of a quick labour and I needed a room urgently. It was so helpful for my husband and I not to have to do this ourselves, and them knowing I was already 5cm dilated was information I wouldn’t have had. By 5.30am we got into the birth pool (I was reluctant to leave the tens machine and Viv’s magic hands) – Viv talked me through the tough ten minutes, where I just kept breathing and Esme was born at 5.47am.

I’ve had the textbook birth I thought was a fallacy after my first labour - dim lights, relaxing music, a pool and manageable pain. But most importantly I had caring support by my side. I have Andy and Viv to thank for a wonderful memory that will always stay with me. I’d recommend Maya Midwives to any prospective mum at the drop of a hat, I now can’t imagine how mums do it without them.

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