Rose Maud Moon Pepper

First a bum, then 2 little legs appeared and paused, dangling for a moment before they ran in mid air and danced the rest of Rose into the world. Breech. A dreaded word in pregnancy, unless, that is you chance to meet the people who know different. Without Andy and the team I was facing an attempted breech delivery on my back, legs in stirrups, in a hospital full of people who hadnít seen a breech in 4 years and were recommending c section. Andyís wisdom and experience of breech as a normal way to deliver led me towards the natural birth I thought Iíd lost hope of. She was an amazing combination of being like a friend and someone I could trust, and an incredibly experienced midwife who knew just what to say to inspire me and remind me that my body knew exactly what it was doing, as well as knowing  when to allow me the space to enter that extraordinary place and claim my baby.

These are wise women indeed

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