Lauren's story

Viv and Andy are friendly, caring and down to earth, and they became the familiar friendly face you need on this journey, our birth story would not have been half so amazing without them. They are calm and can deal with any kind of potentially stressful circumstance, which is important if you want to be relaxed during pregnancy and the labour. They helped me achieve my dream: a home birth - quick and as natural as possible, with little intervention, waking up the next morning with my husband and new baby all together as a new family.

I have type 1 diabetes and developed Obstetric Cholestasis in the last few weeks but they were not phased by this, having looked after many a woman who was classed as 'high risk'. They are very knowledgeable and would suggest new ideas of things for me to try, went to my medical appointments with me and supported me all the way. They are sensible and do not take unnecessary risks, and talk through all eventualities with you beforehand.

Their passion and dedication to their job goes above and beyond what anyone would expect, without them I would not have managed to start breastfeeding properly. Both my husband and I think they are worth every penny and we would not hesitate to recommend them to you. Our daughter has had the best start in life and it is largely due to their passion and commitment for what they do.

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