Who are we?

I'm Viv Gray

Iíve been a midwife since 2001, and in Independent Practice since 2007. I believe every birthing woman should be cared for by a midwife she knows and trusts. The opportunity to develop a relationship with a family during pregnancy, be present at the birth of their baby, and continue to care for them in their early days together is the most amazing privilege imaginable.


I'm Andy Parker

I graduated as a midwfe 2005 and was drawn to independent practice in 2008. I have a deep respect for new life and a passionate commitment to nurturing and supporting parents to discover and follow their own path.



I'm Alison Shaloe

I qualified as a midwife in 1997. I am a breastfeeding specialist midwife, lactation consultant and tongue-tie specialist. I have chosen to work independently to enable me to give true family centred care and support to parents in their transition to parenthood.


Each family is cared for by two midwives from our team